Outsourcing Service
Outsourcing of professional talents(HR Outsourcing Managed Service)Also known as human resource outsourcing. Professional talent outsourcing refers to the outsourcing of one or more human resource management work or functions to other enterprises or organizations according to the needs of enterprises, so as to reduce human cost and maximize efficiency.
For you to consider:Reduce labor costs, solve recruitment problems, increase disposable income, improve service quality, reduce turnover rate, and avoid labor risks
The cost control
Reduce the comprehensive labor cost of human resources. Enterprise employment risk decreased by 50%, employment flexibility increased by 30%
welfare guarantee
Relying on the flexible welfare platform, we provide personal benefits such as insurance physical examination, (psychological) health management, long-distance rescue and family care
service customization
Provide relocation, internship business, staff group building, project research, training, holiday activities customized services as required
The fiscal and taxation optimization
Project cost changes from "labor cost" to "service procurement cost"
performance improvement
Professional personnel management, effectively reduce the rate of talent turnover, improve efficiency
risk control
Help enterprises to manage efficiently, provide flexible labor solutions for enterprises, and effectively control operational risks
Hotel talent outsourcingHotel talent outsourcing
Huanchuang is the first management organization to carry out the vertical talent outsourcing service in the hotel industry. It serves nearly 100 five-star hotels owned by foreign companies and state-owned enterprises. Customer service to huan chuang one - on - one professional management mode consistent praise.
The service project is introduced from the consulting mode to understand the internal needs of the enterprise, and then combined with the actual implementation of recruitment services, personnel management, employee welfare (social security, provident fund, commercial insurance, physical examination), payroll tax agency, law consulting, dispute handling one-stop.
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Solve recruitment problems
  • Avoid employment risk
  • Reduce the rate of loss
  • enhance service quality
  • Increase employees' disposable income
Factory talent outsourcingFactory talent outsourcing
Blue-collar workers are a very large group of enterprises, and skilled blue-collar workers are a valuable wealth of human resources. In recent years, the frequency of employee turnover has been increasing. According to the survey statistics, blue-collar workers change jobs three to four times a year on average, and the monthly turnover rate is 15% to 20% on average. Aiming at the employment difficulties of the enterprise, huanchuang sets up the outsourcing service of factory talents, and provides blue-collar staff recruitment, welfare schemes, personnel management and other process services for customers according to their needs. Huanchuang's factory talent outsourcing service completely solves the troubles of the employing units, and its service mode has been unanimously recognized by customers.
Call center talent outsourcingCall center talent outsourcing
The outsourcing of call center talents is aimed at the recruitment difficulties, clear peak seasons, high turnover rate and low wages encountered by the whole call industry. The human resource solutions proposed are aimed at solving the human resource problems in the industry, reducing the human cost in the industry and maximizing the service efficiency of the call center.
  • HR management system
    Huanchuang has a perfect human resource management system to meet customers' personalized service needs
  • flexibility
    The enterprise increases or decreases personnel according to the change of career development cycle
  • Knowledge Solution
    Huan chuang provides customers with the solution of selecting, employing, educating and retaining people
RPO:Recruitment process outsourcing services to customize solutions and quantifiable recruitment results, quickly and efficiently meet the needs of enterprise talent, reduce recruitment costs and operational risks, improve the employer brand.
  • professional team
    Huanchuang team is composed of a group of professionals engaged in talent recruitment. They come from the major of human resource management and have many years of successful recruitment experience. With rich recruitment experience and professional skills, as well as the classification of talent database, to achieve results-oriented, to ensure that enterprises need talent entry.
  • Humanrecourse database
    I would like to create a professional classified talent database, which includes front-line production workers, office grassroots white-collar workers (customer service, sales), middle-level management and other talents. The talents in the library have been interviewed and certified by professionals. The talent pool is established and constantly updated and supplemented, so that we have a large number of outstanding talents.
  • Recruitment business scope
    It mainly includes: manufacturing, financial industry, hotel industry, information service industry, telecommunications, electric power and other industries.
  • Recruitment services
    Provide recruitment services nationwide, including Shanghai, Beijing, chengdu, xiamen, guangzhou, foshan, zhongshan, shenzhen, tianjin, dongguan, nanjing, anhui, guizhou, dalian and other regions. For the convenience of service, the company has set up branches all over the country.
Service Process
  • I. customer demand analysis and evaluation
    Communicate with customers and analyze the positions to match the talents
  • ||.database query and filtering
    According to the specific requirements of customers' industries and positions, conduct inquiry and screening, analyze and re-interview candidates, and select qualified candidates
  • |||.Recommend candidates and arrange interviews
    Provide the resumes and relevant information of candidates from selected countries to clients, arrange interviews between candidates and clients, and assist both parties in effective communication on specific employment conditions
  • Iv. Follow-up and follow-up services
    Keep close contact with clients and coordinate with them on the difficulties they may encounter during the employment
Huan gen characteristics
Accurate and efficient
Talents will have one-on-one interviews to accurately select more suitable talents. Meanwhile, talents will have opportunities to understand the enterprise and improve the employer brand
Ensure the entry of talent, and the enterprise needs talent
National coverage
Huanchuang set up more than 30 branches across the country, covering the whole country and trans-regional transportation
Outsourcing of labor relations, namely enterprise outsourcing of the staff of the enterprise labor legal relationship to the third party company, signed by outsourcing contracts, labor relations will be to a third party staff, the staff of the enterprise is managed by a third party and bear all related to the change of employees labor legal relationship, but the employees work for the enterprise and the creation of surplus value and business cooperation.
I.output and to lower costs:Through the implementation of labor relations outsourcing services, enterprises can streamline the positions of "social security specialist", "salary specialist", "recruitment specialist" and so on, and give the work of these positions to a third party organization to deal with, not only more professional, and compared with the original labor, office costs, and so on, greatly reduce the cost.
II.Avoid employment risks:With the improvement of labor laws and regulations in China, enterprises are facing more and more challenges in employee relations. The third-party organizations have experts with practical experience, who are dedicated to solving the problems of labor disputes for customers, and begin to improve the rules and regulations of human resource management in enterprises at the beginning of management to effectively help enterprises avoid employment risks.
III.Simplify the process and improve employee satisfaction:The outsourcing of labor relations provided by third-party organizations is a one-stop service. Employees and enterprises have a single point of contact with third-party service organizations, and any problems are solved centrally, which not only simplifies the process of employee management, but also improves employees' satisfaction with the services provided by the human resources department.
Iv. Avoid labor disputes:The outsourcing of labor relations provided by third-party organizations is a one-stop service. Employees and enterprises have a single point of contact with third-party service organizations, and any problems are solved centrally, which not only simplifies the process of employee management, but also improves employees' satisfaction with the services provided by the human resources department.