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Outsourcing of professional talents(HR Outsourcing Managed Service)Also known as human resource outsourcing. Professional talent outsourcing refers to the outsourcing of one or more human resource management work or functions to other enterprises or organizations according to the needs of enterprises, so as to reduce human cost and maximize efficiency.
For you to consider:Reduce labor costs, solve recruitment problems, increase disposable income, improve service quality, reduce turnover rate, and avoid labor risks
The cost control
Reduce the comprehensive labor cost of human resources. Enterprise employment risk decreased by 50%, employment flexibility increased by 30%
Hotel talent outsourcingHotel talent outsourcing
Huanchuang is the first management organization to carry out the vertical talent outsourcing service in the hotel industry. It serves nearly 100 five-star hotels owned by foreign companies and state-owned enterprises. Customer service to huan chuang one - on - one professional management mode consistent praise.
The service project is introduced from the consulting mode to understand the internal needs of the enterprise, and then combined with the actual implementation of recruitment services, personnel management, employee welfare (social security, provident fund, commercial insurance, physical examination), payroll tax agency, law consulting, dispute handling one-stop.
Factory talent outsourcingFactory talent outsourcing
Blue-collar workers are a very large group of enterprises, and skilled blue-collar workers are a valuable wealth of human resources. In recent years, the frequency of employee turnover has been increasing. According to the survey statistics, blue-collar workers change jobs three to four times a year on average, and the monthly turnover rate is 15% to 20% on average. Aiming at the employment difficulties of the enterprise, huanchuang sets up the outsourcing service of factory talents, and provides blue-collar staff recruitment, welfare schemes, personnel management and other process services for customers according to their needs. Huanchuang's factory talent outsourcing service completely solves the troubles of the employing units, and its service mode has been unanimously recognized by customers.
Call center talent outsourcingCall center talent outsourcing
The outsourcing of call center talents is aimed at the recruitment difficulties, clear peak seasons, high turnover rate and low wages encountered by the whole call industry. The human resource solutions proposed are aimed at solving the human resource problems in the industry, reducing the human cost in the industry and maximizing the service efficiency of the call center.
RPO:Recruitment process outsourcing services to customize solutions and quantifiable recruitment results, quickly and efficiently meet the needs of enterprise talent, reduce recruitment costs and operational risks, improve the employer brand.
Service Process
Huan gen characteristics
Outsourcing of labor relations, namely enterprise outsourcing of the staff of the enterprise labor legal relationship to the third party company, signed by outsourcing contracts, labor relations will be to a third party staff, the staff of the enterprise is managed by a third party and bear all related to the change of employees labor legal relationship, but the employees work for the enterprise and the creation of surplus value and business cooperation.